KNUST to pioneer an online room allocation system


Online_RegistrationKNUST is set introduce an online room allocation system for freshmen undergraduate students from the 2013/2014 Academic year.

The objectives and benefits of the online room allocation systems are as follows;

1.      To do away with the frustration with the attendant queues which admitted students have had to bear in processes of securing on-campus accommodation at the beginning of a new academic year.

2.      To do away with the manual and cumbersome process through which the hall administration assigns rooms to admitted students.

3.      To provide priority of place in the residential facilities to undergraduate freshmen to apply to their respective affiliated halls of residence for consideration for on-campus residential accommodation.

4.      To provide the admitted student the choice opportunity to shop and select rooms by their own judgment and assessment.

5.      To eliminate delays in the onward financial reconciliation process which accompanied the manual approach; for which hall administrative processes come to a ground halt, due to untimely funds retrievals.

6.      To do away with clerical and unexpected errors associated with the handling and use of large and complex data.

7.      To make use of technology. This is to implore technology and its usage to get work done more efficiently and effectively, as compared to manpower by the halls administration in collaboration with the admissions office

The platform is designed by University Information Technology Services and would be implemented by Halls Administration and the Admissions Office.

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